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POLYQuik® Performance Products

The POLYQuik® Performance Products family of products encompasses a wide variety of solutions to every repair, sealant and coating problem.

POLYQuik concrete repair products are fast curing, tough materials. Each is designed with ready-to-use packaging to conveniently meet your needs.

Concrete repair products include:

FamoCrete, a fast-setting and sag-resistant cartridge-dispensed solution for repair of cracks, joints and pillars. Then there's the FastPatch family, which includes both a trowel-applied thick-consistency product suitable for roadways, curbs, sidewalks & docks, and a special water-like low-viscosity product that's perfect for fine cracks, easily penetrating deep into the crack and bonding with the sides of the damaged concrete to permanently seal it. And for any necessary prep work, there's 1K Primer, a one-component primer for all concrete surfaces.


Pavement Preservation with FastPatch!

FastPatch is a proven durable material that decreases life-cycle costs by quickly and easily repairing cracked concrete and sealing joints, often increasing the slab's stability by using the cracks to improve interlocking. Using FastPatch can “add value” to damaged concrete by improving its overall stability; and deferring replacement by bonding broken areas.

FastPatch can repair and preserve concrete slabs by filling the voids, sealing the cracks and adding stabilizing support to the slab. It'll help transfer the loads across the joints and broken slabs, sealing against moisture and debris to prevent spalling, and can even fill large voids caused by previous spalling.

FastPatch Product Line Summary

The FastPatch line of concrete repair products gives you the tools to repair concrete spalls and voids in everything from roadways and parking lots, to warehouse buildings, sidewalks and more... it's available in a variety of formulations suitable for many needs.

FastPatch LV (Low Viscosity) for freezer floors or narrow cracks in climates where the temperatures drop below freezing, or any situation where there are fine cracks
FastPatch GC (Gravel Component) for use when a gravel component is needed
FastPatch MD (Meter Dispensing) perfect for repairing large areas of damaged concrete
FastPatch NS (Non-Sag) when the damage is overhead or vertical, such as ceilings, walls or pillars
FastPatch SC (Sand Component) incorporates a sand component

FastPatch LV is best described as a fast-setting concrete repair solution. It has an ultra-low viscosity and is most often used to repair cracked or spalled concrete. FastPatch LV has the ability to penetrate deeply into concrete and cure at below-zero temperatures, which results in superior strength. Once applied, the area can be returned to service within fifteen minutes. The product is also certified safe to use in areas where food products are handled. Customer evaluations have emphatically established that the product has excellent performance in below-freezing conditions. One gallon yields enough product to repair an area of approximately 38 feet.



FastPatch GC (Gravel Component) is a handy Gravel Extended Polyurethane concrete repair kit. Everything you need except the tools is in the 5g bucket: Resin, Activator, Gravel and Topping Pumice. Easy to mix, quick to install and fully-cured within 30 minutes without finishing or curing. Use only on horizontal concrete surfaces and use our Polyprime Primer if surface is damp.

POLYQuik EJC-12 is a two-component, 100% solids joint filler; designed for use in concrete construction / control joints. It is a flexible, high elongation, solvent-free polyurethane. This product is perfect for use on concrete roadways, retail and warehouse floors, or any random crack-filling application, and has a twelve-month shelf life when stored correctly.

POLYQuik EJC-25 is a highly flexible, two-component, rapid-setting, polyurea-based compound for joint filing. EJC-25 is a class-25 expansion joint compound and has over 900% elongation. EJC-25 ideal for use on airport runways, highways, parking decks, bridge decks, roofing, and sidewalks. This product also features quick set time, high elasticity, it is self-leveling and is flexible at freezing temperatures.

POLYQuik CJF is a two-component self-leveling 100% solids polyurea control joint filler designed to protect joints in industrial concrete floors that are subject to hard wheels and heavy loads. POLYQuik CJF provides excellent resistance to spalling, abrasion, chemical attack, and corrosion. It is also ideal for filling random cracks.

FAMOCRETE is a rigid and sag-resistant polyurethane that has been specifically designed for the repair of broken or spalled concrete. It is extremely easy to apply and is supplied in a ready-to-use universal cartridge. FamoCrete's non-sag formula makes it ideal for repairing concrete that is overhead or vertical, like a pillar or a wall. One cartridge provides enough product to repair a little more than 14 linear feet and has a shelf life of more than one year when stored properly.


What you can expect from Fastpatch products...