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Mobile High-Pressure Washer Solutions

Mobile systems are custom, task-specific high-pressure washer systems delivering engineered solutions for the special needs of transit systems, municipalities, fire departments and just anyone who needs a mobile solution. We take our gas and diesel pressure washers and put wheels on them; we put them in trucks, vans, and trailers, so you can get your pressure washer machine out to where the jobs are. If you don't find a solution for your particular problem, we can help you. Just tell us what you need to clean and where you need to clean it, and we'll come up with an answer. Hot water or cold, diesel or gas... your friends at ALLTEC have a portable solution for you!

There are several categories of custom-built mobile systems – truck-based, trailer-based, van-based, and "skid"-based. Make sure you see our Mobile Applications Bulletins they’re downloadable PDF reports on the best-practices applications of all of our Mobile High-Pressure Washer solutions. A great way to discover ways you can save time and money with our technology. They’re all available to the left by clicking on the big red buttons..